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Residency Vacancies and Information

Residency vacancies

  • RFS job postings Find available residency and fellowship positions.
  • FindAResident The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) also provides you with access to unfilled PGY1-PGY6 positions.

Improving your work environment

  • For information about how the AMA is improving the residency work environment for resident and fellow physicians, visit the Advocacy and Policy page. This page has information related to Duty Hours, benefit waiting periods, student loans, FICA, and other important issues.

Resources to help you in residency and beyond

  • The AMA-RFS has created educational resources that help members confront the nonclinical demands of training and help them look ahead to prepare for the practice environment. Access the AMA Career Planning Resource to find advice on the nonclinical demands of training and help you prepare for the practice environment.
  • Visit the AMA-RFS GME Financing page for resources on how your training funding works, student debt repayment, and the role of resident and fellow physicians in our healthcare system.
  • Visit the AMA-RFS Handoffs page for resources on effective handoff techniques.
  • Visit the AMA-RFS Contracting page for tools to help you negotiate the best contract possible. Resources include: Model employment agreements that provide thorough descriptions of basic contract terms typically found in agreements, as well as in-depth explanations of the significance of such provisions and language that benefits the physician employee.
  • Obtain information on public health issues, international opportunities, and GLBT health.
  • Find updated information on managing medical school debt: Read the AMA's Issue Brief on Income-Based Repayment and utilize the AAMC Medloans program at www.aamc.org and search the comprehensive list of loan repayment/forgiveness programs.
  • Interested in connecting with your colleagues, sharpening your leadership skills, and improving you presentation abilities, visit the meeting page to learn about the Annual and Interim meetings, Research Symposium, Advocacy Conference, and special events. Also, explore leadership positions throughout the AMA.
  • If you are looking for opportunities to explore a specific interest or add to your CV, look at the awards, grants, and internships that are curently available.
  • Not sure how the AMA works or where to start to get involved? Access the AMA-RFS leadership guide.