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Advocacy & Policy

Residents make an impact through the AMA policymaking process and advocacy efforts on issues that matter:

Learn more about the RFS Assembly and the AMA policymaking process.


Sunshine Act
Duty Hours
Healthcare Reform

Medical School Debt and GME Funding


AMA-RFS Issue Brief: Comparative Effectiveness Research

Join the AMA-RFS today! For additional information, contact your Resident and Fellow Section at (800) 262-3211x4978 or email rfs@ama-assn.org.

Resident Quality of Life

  • The Residents and Fellows Bill of Rights. Created by the AMA Resident and Fellow Section and adopted as official policy by the AMA House of Delegates in 2011, this bill of Rights highlights the basic needs of physicians in training. It was developed utilizing AMA policy related to GME and includes language from the ACGME program requirements. *Note: the AMA is not an accrediting or regulating body for GME and the provision within the Residents and Fellows' bill of rights should not be construed as residency program requirements.
  • Benefit Waiting Periods for residency benefits were eliminated with AMA-RFS help. Policy passed in the AMA-RFS and HOD urged the ACGME to eliminate waiting periods for resident and fellow physicians and their families so they could immediately receive health and disability insurance benefits.
  • Unsolicited Recruiter Paging. Read letters from the AMA Chief Executive and an article published by American Medical News on this issue.
  • AMA Issue Brief: Student exemption to FICA Tax.
    UPDATE: The IRS has begun issuing refunds of FICA taxes withheld from former residents’ paychecks between January 1996 and March 2005. Physicians who were completing their residencies during this time should check with their program to determine if it pursued the refund and when they anticipate distributing the payment to former residents.
  • FICA Update: Resolution 226-I-14 Information for former medical residents subject to FICA tax withholding.

Equality for GLBT physicians and patients

  • IOM Report Published The AMA is cited in the final IOM report on LGBT health, which was published on March 31, 2011. The report is based on IOM hearings that were held in February 2010. At the hearings, the AMA provided testimony on LGBT health issues, research gaps, and opportunities, which can be found here.
  • In 2010, the American Medical Association sent letters to Congress and spoke with the Pentagon urging the repeal of the U.S. Military's policy known as "Don't Ask Don't Tell." Subsequently, a Bill was passed that repealed this controversial policy. This successful effort stemmed from the passage of new policy by the AMA-RFS Assembly and HOD in November of 2009. Also, based on this policy, the AMA called for the repeal of this policy in its testimony to the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in February, 2010.