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About the Resident and Fellow Section

The AMA Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) is the largest organization of resident and fellow physicians in the United States. It was created by the AMA in 1974 to represent and advocate for resident and fellow physicians and to train young physician leaders. With the support of members, your Resident and Fellow Section fights to improve working conditions, reform America 's health care system, improve medical education, and create tools to help resident and fellow physicians succeed both personally and professionally.

The RFS has representation and direct involvement in all levels of the AMA. Resident and fellow physicians are represented through their own democratically elected, policy-making body; the RFS Assembly which meets twice a year. For over 25 years, the RFS has set policies that have directly impacted national legislation and the policies of regulating bodies. The AMA-RFS policy process gives you the power to create change and is one of the most unique and powerful privileges of membership.

In addition to creating policies, the RFS has many leadership opportunities for residents and fellows. The Assembly elects an eight-member Governing Council, which meets three times a year to help direct and implement RFS activities and polices. The RFS also has representatives that sit as full voting members on AMA Councils, Committees and the Board of Trustees. There are 20 leadership positions and numerous awards, grants, and internship opportunities available for resident and fellow physician members.

The RFS also provides career resources to resident and fellow physicians during their residency training and when they are transitioning into practice.

Membership in the RFS ensures your voice is heard, not only in the AMA House of Delegates and throughout the AMA, but also in the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government.

To make a difference, you have to be heard! Join the AMA-RFS today!