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Organized Medical Staff Section

The Organized Medical Staff Section is the Section of the AMA that is the advocate, voice, and resource for physicians who are members of hospital and other health system medical staffs.

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Register for 2015 OMSS Interim Meeting
The 2015 OMSS Interim Meeting will be held Nov. 12-14 at the Hilton Atlanta. Visit the meeting webpage to register, to reserve a hotel room, and for complete meeting details. 

Are your medical staff bylaws in compliance with the revised CoPs?
Last year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published a final rule revising the Conditions of Participation for hospitals. The rule, which became effective in July 2014, has significant implications for the traditional hospital medical staff structure. In particular, the rule permits a multi-hospital health system to have a unified, system-wide medical staff, rather than a separate medical staff at each hospital, provided that the medical staff at each hospital votes to accept a unified staff structure. All medical staffs in multi-hospital systems must revise their bylaws to describe the process for voting on whether to opt into a unified medical staff—even if no such structure has been proposed.

Access the AMA Physician’s Guide to Medical Staff Bylaws today for guidance, including sample bylaws language, on how to amend your medical staff bylaws to ensure compliance with regulatory and accreditation standards while protecting medical staff self-governance.