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Organized Medical Staff Section

The Organized Medical Staff Section is the Section of the AMA that is the advocate, voice and resource for physicians who are members of the medical staffs and other organizations.

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AMA resources on new Medicare Conditions of Participation
In May 2014, the Centers for Medicare and & Medicaid Services (CMS) published a final rule revising the Conditions of Participation (CoPs) for hospitals. The final rule, which became effective July 11, 2014, makes significant changes to the hospital governance structure and has significant implications for the relationship between the medical staff and the hospital governing body and for the relationship between the medical staff and its individual members:

  • The final rule permits a multi-hospital health system to have a unified, system-wide medical staff, rather than a separate medical staff at each hospital, provided that the medical staff at each hospital votes to accept a unified staff structure.
  • The final rule also eliminates a requirement that the hospital governing body include a member of the medical staff. The governing body must now consult at least two times per year with the medical staff.

The AMA, through its Organized Medical Staff Section, has developed resources to guide medical staffs through the process of implementing the new regulations. These resources, which will be included in a forthcoming edition of the AMA's "Physician's Guide to Medical Staff Organization Bylaws," include:

  • A discussion guide outlining issues medical staffs should consider when considering whether to accept a unified medical staff structure; and
  • Sample medical staff bylaws language to assist medical staffs in implementing the new regulations while preserving self-governance and the medical staff’s ability to ensure the delivery of safe, high-quality patient care.

Please contact the AMA-OMSS (keith.voogd@ama-assn.org, 312-464-4539) with any questions or comments about these resources. Medical staffs are also encouraged to contact the AMA-OMSS to report and seek assistance on any problems that arise as a result of the new regulations.

2014 AMA-OMSS Interim Meeting
The 2014 AMA-OMSS Interim Meeting was held Nov. 6-8 in Dallas. Visit the Interim Meeting webpage to read meeting highlights.

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Registration for the next OMSS Representative Quarterly Conference Call, which will be held Tuesday, March 3, at 7:00 p.m. CST, is now open.