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Office of International Medicine

The AMA Office of International Medicine (OIM) was established in 1978 as a focal point for coordinating a wide variety of activities stemming from the Association's longstanding involvement in international health and leadership.

The purpose of the AMA's international involvement is to position the Association as one of the leaders in international health, to provide a global perspective for AMA health policy development, to enable the Association to influence international health policy, and to improve the level and quality of health care worldwide.

The Office is responsible for global policy development and works through the World Medical Association to promote timely and well-crafted policy. The OIM facilitates AMA representation at the World Health Organization on the United States Delegation to the World Health Assembly at the invitation of the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Another important OIM function is to seek out and maintain the AMA’s relationships with other national medical associations and global healthcare organizations.

The OIM helps to develop health care programs and to intervene in cases of human rights violations, especially those involving physicians and other health care workers, and collaborates with other organizations in areas of crisis. The office maintains lists of voluntary organizations that accept donations of time, money, and supplies.