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Transitioning to Residency

The AMA's Minority Affairs Section (MAS) has developed this online resource for medical students transitioning into residency training programs. The information is meant to provide an overview of the planning, application and selection process from the personal viewpoints of our AMA-MAS colleagues who have successfully gone through the process themselves.

The materials below are a work in progress, and as such our AMA-MAS colleagues continue to provide materials and add their particular insights. We welcome your contributions as well. Please contact us via e-mail. For information on joining the AMA-MAS visit our website or call the AMA-MAS office at (312) 464-4743.

We also suggest that you visit the AMA's Resident and Fellow Section and the Medical Student Section websites for additional information regarding medical school and residency issues.

Getting Ready: Medical School Years 1-3
Provides information on medical school selection.

The Residency Application: Information & Procedures

The Residency Application Process: A Timetable for Success

Writing Your Personal Statement
Provides information on written a personal statement for residency programs.

Selecting Your Residency Program

The Residency Interview: Making the Most of It

Not Matched?- The Decision to Reapply
Provides information for medical students who do not match on match day.

Making the Most of Your Residency

Residency Programs: An Inside Look
Provides information on various residency programs.

General Residency Questions
Provides information and answers regarding residency programs and minority physicians