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HOD Coordination Committee

About the Committee

HCC supports the MSS Delegate and Alternate Delegate, as well as student members of their state delegations, in forming a common and well-informed position on resolutions and reports presented to the AMA House of Delegates. The committee is also responsible for coordinating student testimony for HOD reference committees for all student-authored resolutions.

In addition to its duties pertaining to business in the AMA House of Delegates, HCC works to improve the quality of resolutions submitted for consideration by the MSS Assembly. Through the preparation of informational resources and through direct work with resolution authors, HCC ensures that MSS resolutions call for feasible policy, are thoroughly researched, and are well-written.

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Committee Members

Mark Kashtan, Chair
Medical College of Wisconsin

Jade Anderson, Co-Vice Chair

Marin McCutcheon, Co-Vice Chair

Allison Chen
Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Juan DesLoges
Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School

Namisha Dhillon
University of Toledo College of Medicine

Kristin Harrington
Texas Tech University HSC School of Medicine

Diana Huang
Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School

Juergen Kloo
Tulane University School of Medicine

Pratistha Koirala
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Denise Liu
University of Toledo College of Medicine

Jason Liu
University of Toledo College of Medicine

Cameron Paterson
University of South Florida College of Medicine

Robert Qi
Duke University

Romero Santiago
Dallas Southwestern Medical School

Rie Sharky
LSUHSC - Shreveport School of Medicine

Ryan Wiggins
Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School

Micahel Warren
Florida State University

Jason Bowman

Information and Resources

MSS Resolution Writing Resources

AMA Policy

MSS Policy

Get Involved

Serve on the HCC Convention Committee at a national meeting
Before and during each MSS Annual and Interim meeting, HCC expands in size. HCC Convention Committee applications are generally due approximately two months before each Annual and Interim meeting.