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Committee on Scientific Issues

About the Committee

The AMA-MSS Committee on Scientific Issues (CSI) is responsible for educating the MSS on scientific issues through the development of issue briefs, programs, and resources on scientific topics and health policy issues. CSI serves as an informational resource to the MSS Assembly on resolutions of scientific interest. The committee also promotes medical student research by offering students the opportunity to present their research findings at the Annual AMA Research Symposium.

Committee Members

Judi Ramiscal, Chair
Mayo Medical School

Liza Gill, Vice Chair
Michigan State University (MSU-CHM)

Nkosi Adejola
Johns Hopkins University

Jonathan Lee
UT Medical Branch/UT Austin

Parth Patel
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Chandan Khandai
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Marika Osterbur
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Felipe Castillo
Tulane University School of Medicine

Nidhi Agrawal

Charles Kenworthy
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

AMA Research Symposium

CSI promotes research throughout the profession by offering students a forum to present their research findings at the AMA Research Symposium at each MSS Interim Meeting. The CSI publicizes the Research Symposium, encourages abstract submissions, and decides which abstracts to accept for presentation at the Interim Meeting each year.

The AMA Research Symposium will be held Friday, Nov. 15, 2013, at the 2013 AMA-MSS Interim Meeting in National Harbor, Md. Subscribe to the AMA-MSS Announcements listserv to be notified when more information, including the abstract submission deadline, becomes available.

Wanted: clinical article submissions for JAMA
The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is seeking submissions for JAMA Clinical Challenge articles and the journal's new feature, diagnostic test imaging.

JAMA Clinical Challenge articles are regularly published in JAMA and involve the interpretation of a clinical image. While the new diagnostic test imaging series has not yet been published, JAMA is now accepting submissions for it.

These articles are ideal for writing teams of medical students or resident physicians partnered with attending physicians. JAMA's instructions for authors provide details on the requirements for both article types.

Interested authors should start by sending an email to JAMA Deputy Editor Ed Livingston, MD, and viewing a recently published example of a JAMA Clinical Challenge article. For more information on how to submit figures, read The JAMA Network's Guidelines for Figures in Accepted Manuscripts. JAMA will not consider manuscripts that do not follow these guidelines.

AMA members receive full online access to The JAMA Network, which includes JAMA and nine specialty journals. Activate your subscription today.

Journal Club

The ability to critically read and analyze primary literature will be essential to your career as a physician. CSI has developed the following resources to help medical students hone these important skills:

Questions to consider when reading primary literature

Journal article analysis example #1
(Full text of reviewed article)

Journal article analysis example #2
(Full text of reviewed article)

Other Resources

Links of interest

AMA Council on Science and Public Health