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AMA-MSS Governing Council Goals

The inaugural meeting of the 2012-2013 AMA-MSS Governing Council (GC) included a strategic goal-setting session during which the GC prioritized its goals for the year. 

Starting with the 2010-2013 AMA-MSS Operational Plan and the 2012 AMA Strategic Plan, and taking into account recent directives of the AMA-MSS Assembly, the GC set the following 2012-2013 Governing Council Goals:

Strengthen the Role of the MSS in the AMA Equation

  • Maintain a highly valued and respected caucus within the AMA House of Delegatesand recruiter and chapter leader skills
  • Create valuable input for the AMA in the AMA Strategic Focus Areas and other goals as applicable

Transition from Membership to Active Membership

  • Increase membership participation in various AMA activities and entities
  • Develop a formal mentorship component to strengthen relationship between MSS, RFS, and YPS
  • Facilitate leadership development on a local level
  • Enhance communication for the dissemination of information

Increase Overall Membership among Student Colleagues

  • Increase overall membership totals
  • Establish sections at newly established medical schools
  • Initiate new sections at 7 medical schools currently without an active AMA presence
  • Increase 4th year to PGY1 retention of AMA members
  • Strenthen the AMA-MSS relationship with other student organizations