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Socioeconomic Information

Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the U.S.

American Medical Association
Physician Characteristics and Distribution in the US is the most accurate and complete source for statistical data about the physician supply in the United States. It provides extensive data on trends, characteristics and distribution of more than 900,000 physicians. Separated into five sections:

  • Physician characteristics for age, sex, major professional activity, specialty and race
  • Geographical distribution by state
  • Specialty data for the nation, states, census regions, MSAs and counties
  • Data for primary care including the activity, age, sex, board certification, school and year of graduation, IMG state of location and metro area
  • Trend data for specialty, major professional activity, age and sex Includes physician/population ratios for selected years

Check your medical school library or order online from the AMA Store.

AAMC Data Book: Statistical Information Related to Medical Education

Association of American Medical Colleges
The AAMC Data Book, a statistical abstract of U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals, includes current and historical data on a comprehensive list of topics including: Applicants and Students, Faculty, Medical School Revenue, Tuition and Financial Aid, Graduate Medical Education, Teaching Hospitals, Faculty Compensation, Physicians, Biomedical Research, and reference data such as Price Indices. Published annually, the AAMC Data Book contains over 70 tables on topics that include medical student indebtedness, health care financing, physician compensation, staffing characteristics in U.S. hospitals, mean housestaff stipends, and NRMP and graduate medical education data. A wealth of useful information in an uncomplicated format. Order online from the AAMC.

Medical Economics
Semi-monthly magazine with interesting, informative articles covering the gamut of socioeconomic issues in medicine.