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General Information


Strolling Through the Match

American Academy of Family Physicians

A valuable medical career-planning guide that begins with a section devoted to choosing a medical specialty. Focuses on information to help students make the right specialty choice and explains how the match process operates. Now available free online.

Graduate Medical Education Directory

American Medical Association
ISBM: 978-1-60359-003-7

The "Green Book" provides a tremendous amount of information to use for selecting graduate medical education programs. Published annually in March, it contains details on more than 8,500 residency/fellowship programs accredited by the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education and Board-approved combined specialty programs. A new section with detailed specialty/subspecialty data/information is invaluable for career planning. Also includes all certification requirements of the 24-member boards of the American Board of Medical Specialties, a GME glossary, and medical licensure information. Order online from the AMA. For additional information on the programs listed in the Green Book, refer to FREIDA Online.

Graduate Medical Education Library (CD-ROM)

American Medical Association

  • Advanced search functions help you find the program or institution you're seeking
  • Intuitive Web browser interface--no installation required
  • XML format allows for quick data sorts and program comparison
  • 30,000 clickable hyperlinks
  • Includes archive copies of each year's Directory since 1996-1997 edition

Peterson's Vital Signs: Working Doctors Tell the Real Story Behind Medical School & Practice

Deborah L. Bernal, ed.
ISBN: 978-1-560-7937-62

Working doctors tell the real story behind medical school and practice. Physician-written essays explore the many aspects of becoming a doctor, including the joys of medical school, decisions about training, and styles of practice. An enjoyable overview of the profession compiled by the Young Physicians Section of the Medical Society of the District of Columbia.

Assessing Your Career Options

Donald Double
ISBN: 0-89970-887-0

Designed especially for physicians and medical students, Assessing Your Career Options provides the tools necessary to help individuals conduct a thorough appraisal of individual interests, needs, desires, and wishes that influence practice decisions throughout one’s career. Order online from the AMA.

Getting Into a Residency: A Guide for Medical Students

Kenneth V. Iserson
ISBN: 978-1883620097

Excellent, in-depth guide for medical student career planning. Provides valuable information on selecting a specialty, selecting a residency program, and interviewing through the Match process. Advice is presented in a clear and easy-to-read manner. Dr. Iserson was a featured speaker at the 2001 Annual AMA-MSS Meeting.

The NRMP Directory / The NRMP Results Book

National Resident Matching Program

The Match is essentially the next milestone once a specialty has been chosen. The Directory lists residency programs participating in the Match and contains a wealth of information on the Match process itself (students will receive a current copy when they register for the Match). The Results Book presents the "number of candidates sought and number matched for each participating hospital and unfilled program by specialty." It shows, demographically, who matched and who did not and which specialties had difficulty filling positions in the prior year. When choosing a specialty, this book will help to gauge the potential difficulty of getting residency positions in certain specialties. Available in your medical school library or order by calling NRMP Publications at (202) 828-0416.

Living Medicine - Planning a Career: Choosing a Specialty

Peter Richards
ISBN: 978-0-521-38628-4

Thorough coverage of the many factors involved in medical students' career planning. Written mainly for the British medical student, sections on exams and training program are not relevant, but interesting reading overall.

Careers in Medicine

Terrence J. Sacks
ISBN: 978-0-071-4587-40

Covers a wide range of pertinent topics ranging from the history of medicine to a look at the future. Specific chapters include "Choosing a Specialty and Landing a Medical Residency" and "Getting Started and Moving Ahead," as well as a closer look at the major specialties and subspecialties.

How to Choose a Medical Specialty

Anita D. Taylor
ISBN: 978-0721601229

A comprehensive publication to assist medical students in selecting a specialty. It contains thorough descriptions of the recognized specialties and their economic outlook.


JAMA - The Journal of the American Medical Association
The world's leading medical publication contains peer-reviewed clinical and investigative articles. Reports on the latest developments in medicine, many of which would pertain to selection of a specialty. Weekly publication included as a benefit of AMA membership.  Medical students may be particularly interested in the annual Medical Education Issue, published each September, which contains the most recent and relevant articles on medical education including physician workforce planning and factors in specialty selection.

American Medical News
The AMA's award-winning American Medical News is the nation's leading newspaper for physicians. Each week it provides the latest news about government and medicine, professional issues, practice management, and the latest developments in public health. American Medical News often contains relevant articles on the physician workforce and the medical specialties.

The New Physician
Published by the American Medical Student Association, this monthly journal includes interesting articles for medical students on a range of issues including frequent coverage of the Match, medical specialties, and specialty selection.

Academic Medicine
Monthly peer-reviewed journal that covers the full range of policy and research issues facing academic medicine. Also, prints and reviews the results of the National Resident Matching Program annually. Available at most medical schools or by calling the AAMC at (202) 828-0416 (complimentary for AAMC members).

New England Journal of Medicine
Reputable journal of clinical studies and policy reports with frequent articles on physician workforce supply issues. Published weekly and available online or at any medical school library.