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MSS Listservs Descriptions

Special note about AMA-MSS listservs

AMA-MSS listservs are unmoderated, meaning that when you use your e-mail program's "reply" function to contribute something to the list, the reply is sent immediately to the entire group. To contact an individual privately, outside of the discussion, please enter the person's e-mail address in the "to" area of your reply message, and delete the listserv address.

AMA-MSS Listserv Descriptions

AMA-MSS Announcements listserv
Listserv for announcements, leadership updates, legislative alerts, and up-to-the-minute AMA press releases. This listserv is not open to general discussion. Please contact the MSS if you wish to make an announcement.

MSS Health Policy and News listserv
Listserv dedicated to the discussion of AMA and AMA-MSS policy and resolutions, as well as current national legislative issues. This listserv was set up as a forum for creative discussion on national policy, AMA policy, and AMA-MSS resolutions.

MSS Regions listservs
Provide information about what's happening in each region, including upcoming meetings and events and other opportunities to become involved.