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AMA-MSS Week of Wellness

What is the Week of Wellness?

In conjunction with its current national service project (NSP), which focuses on Healthier Life Steps, based on the AMA's Healthier Life Steps™ program, the AMA-MSS will host its fifth annual Week of Wellness, April 7-13, 2014.

During the Week of Wellness, AMA medical student sections across the nation will learn more about healthier lifestyles so they can effectively teach their patients.  Students will be putting lessons learned into practice by embracing healthy behaviors.  This week will focus on 7 key topics health eating, exercise, stress relief, motivation, altruism, preventing right brain atrophy (creativity) and alcohol moderation.  Local sections are encouraged to plan their own events to promote health among medical students at their campuses and in their community.

How Can My Local AMA Medical Student Section Become Involved?

  • Review the AMA-MSS NSP Event Planning Guide for event ideas and to learn about resources, including grants, available to help you organize and implement a successful Week of Wellness event.
  • Be sure to register your wellness event with the AMA-MSS so that we can share your success with others.


Please contact Jessica Deslauriers, AMA-MSS At-Large Officer, with any questions about the Week of Wellness.