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Plan an NSP Event

Each local AMA medical student section is encouraged to organize at least one National Service Project (NSP) event each academic year. What will you do this year? Follow the tips below to plan a great NSP event.

Step 1 - Pick a Project

The AMA-MSS has cataloged a number of NSP programming ideas to help you organize events related to the current NSP, the AMA Healthier Life StepsTM program. Additional event-planning modules will be avalable in the near future.

Step 2 - Secure Funding

Local AMA medical student sections are eligible to receive AMA Section Involvement Grants (SIGs) of up to $500 to support events related to the current NSP. They are also eligible to receive SIGs of up to $250 to support events related to past NSP themes.

  • Be sure to submit your SIG application at least 30 days before the event.

In addition to AMA funding, you should consider securing event funding from sources such as your state and county medical societies and your medical school.

Step 3 - Get Materials for Your Event

A variety of free resources, including patient self-assessment questionnaires, healthy living action plans, and progress tracking calendars, are available for download on the AMA Healthier Life Steps program Web page. Additional resources may be available from various governmental agencies (e.g., CDC, DHHS, etc.), and from public health advocacy organizations such as the American Heart Association, the American Lung Association, and others.

Creating a t-shirt for your event? Use the AMA Healthier Life Steps t-shirt template. Note: Any other use of the AMA logo must be approved by the AMA.

Step 4 - Publicize Your Event

Use the AMA-MSS Press Kit to learn everything you need to know to effectively use the media to publicize your event. In addition to providing guidance about when and how to contact the media, the press kit includes templates you can use to write your own media advisory before the event and press release after the event.

You can also use AMA-MSS event flier templates (template 1, template 2) to create a professional-looking flier to notify your fellow medical students about your event.

Step 5 - Register Your Event

Registering your event is integral to the success of the National Service Project! If you are planning an NSP event, please register your event with the MSS so that we can publicize it on our Web page. Your event could very well serve as an example for others to replicate!

Need help planning an event?

There are many people willing and able to help you plan your NSP event and make it a success. Contact the AMA-MSS to be put in touch with people who can help you plan your event.

Can't plan your own event but still want to participate?

Even if you can't organize your own event, you can always participate in the next NSP event held in conjunction with an AMA-MSS national meeting or an AMA-MSS Regional Meeting.

In addition, you can contact AMA student leaders at other medical schools in your area to discuss collaboration on an NSP event.