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AMA-MSS Policy

The AMA-MSS Assembly is the policy-making body of the Medical Student Section. Policies adopted by the Assembly provide a framework for the priorities and activities of the Section. Although often complimentary, MSS policies are distinct from the official policies of the American Medical Association, which are set by the AMA House of Delegates.

2016 Annual Meeting Summary of Actions

2015 Interim Meeting Summary of Actions

Official action taken on all items of business before the MSS Assembly and all MSS resolutions that were forwarded to the AMA House of Delegates at the meeting.

AMA-MSS Summary of Actions

Summarizes AMA-MSS Assembly actions taken on every Item of Business from the 1999 Annual Meeting to the 2014 Interim Meeting.

AMA-MSS Digest of Policy Actions

Lists all current, official policy of the MSS.

AMA-MSS Internal Operating Procedures