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AMA-IPPS Meetings & Events

The 2014 IPPS Annual Meeting will be held June 5-6, 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago.

Draft agenda and other meeting downloads

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Draft meeting agenda

Meeting Handbook
Available May 9


Online meeting registration will be open until Friday, May 30.

Meeting attendees will also be able to register onsite at the meeting (location TBD).

Hotel reservations and other travel information

Hotel Reservations

Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, Ill. 60601

Room rates:

  • Single $220, Regency Single $270, Limited Rooms
  • Double, $245, Regency Double, $295, Limited Rooms
  • City Tax 16.4%

Book online or call Hyatt reservations at 888-421-1442.

Please be sure to make your reservation by the cutoff date of May 2, 2014, to ensure that your requirements are met. We cannot guarantee room availability after the published cutoff date.

Airline Discounts

Airline discounts are available on both American Airlines and United Airlines. Discounts are valid for travel 3 days before and 3 days after the official meeting date(s).

To book your American Airlines reservation on-line and receive a 5% discount, visit www.aa.com and:

  • Select "Refine Your Choice"
  • Enter origin, destination, and travel dates
  • Enter authorization code 3364DN in Promotion Code box

To book your United Airlines reservation on-line and receive a 5% discount, visit www.united.com and:

  • Select "Advanced Search"
  • Enter origin, destination, and travel dates
  • Enter ZRMH761645 in the Offer Code box

Available flights will be displayed. When an available flight is selected the discounted fare will automatically be calculated.

You may also book your United Airlines reservation at a discounted rate by calling United Airlines Meetings at (800) 426-1122 and mentioning Z code ZRMH and Agreement code 761645.

Airport Shuttle Discount

Book your shuttle service today on Go Airport Express and receive a 10% discount by using the code AMA-2014. Airport shuttle services are offered at both O’Hare and Midway airports.

IPPS certification form

To serve as an official representative for your organization, please complete the certification form. Contact carrie.waller@ama-assn.org, (312)464-4546 with any questions.

If you are not an AMA member, you can still register and attend the IPPS meeting as a guest. Guest can speak at the microphone, but do not have voting privileges.

Certification form

Educational program

Are we there yet? On the road to physician-led clinical integration

As momentum and interest builds for new care models that foster team-based care, population health, high quality and reward value over volume - clinical integration and alignment represent opportunities for physician leadership in emerging care delivery and payment paradigms. Keynote speaker Robert Nesse, MD, CEO, Mayo Clinic Health System, will share his insights on the current state of physician-led integration, examining issues such as how to work in an integrated system to provide excellent care, understanding the role and impact of organizational cultures in mergers and integration, and weighing the option of sustaining an independent practice through alignment with a hospital or health system versus a buyout.

A reaction panel of three physician leaders from a variety of practice settings and stages of integration will briefly comment on Dr. Nesse’s presentation. Panelists will include:

  • Grace Terrell, MD, President/CEO, Cornerstone Healthcare (N.C.);
  • Peter Rutherford, MD, CEO, Confluence Health, (Wash.); and
  • Tom Eppes, Jr., MD, Founding Board Member, Central Virginia Family Physicians, and Co-Chair/President of Collaborative Health Partners of Virginia.

Following the presentation, participants will break-out into discussion groups to delve deeper, share, learn and network with others facing the same issues.

At the end of this activity, physicians should be able to:

  1. Examine the role of organizational culture and its impact on the success or failure of mergers and integration.
  2. Recount ways to provide excellent care within an integrated system.
  3. Discuss how physician-led groups can retain their independence by aligning with a hospital or health system.

IPPS Governing Council elections

If you have attended the IPPS meetings and are interested in becoming more involved, please consider becoming a nominee for election to the IPPS Governing Council for the 2014-2017 term. 

At the June meeting, the IPPS Assembly will elect the following Council members:

  • Chair-Elect: The Chair-Elect track is a three-year track with one year each as Chair-Elect, Chair, and Immediate Past Chair. All IPPS Associate members are eligible for election to the Chair-Elect position.
  • Other Council member
    Note: This position will be open for election at the 2014 Annual Meeting only if a current member of the Governing Council is elected as Chair-Elect, which would leave a vacancy on the Council. Nominations are being accepted for this position in advance of the meeting in the event that this scenario plays out.

The IPPS Governing Council meets in-person twice a year in conjunction with IPPS meetings in June and November.  In addition, the GC meets via conference call as needed, usually a few times a year.

If you are interested in serving on the IPPS Governing Council, please submit the nomination application by May 6. Although nominations from the floor will be accepted at the June meeting, applications must be received by May 6 to be included in the meeting handbook.

Resolution submission

Resolutions should be drafted using the IPPS resolution template and submitted via email to Carrie Waller by April 26.

Resolutions submitted after this deadline will be considered late and will require a two-thirds vote of the Assembly in order to be considered.

Future meeting dates