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About Us

Established in June 2012, the Integrated Physician Practice Section (IPPS) is the newest addition to the AMA’s Sections and Special Groups within the House of Delegates. The AMA-IPPS enables physicians in or actively working toward multi-specialty, physician-led, integrated health care delivery groups or systems to have an official vote in the AMA policymaking process.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other factors are accelerating change in health care delivery and creating a strong impetus to foster and expand integrated modes of practice in the near term. The ACA has created a broad regulatory framework for clinical integration, care coordination, quality and other performance metrics, cost containment and mandatory nationwide adoption of electronic health records. Both the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and multiple private insurers have already begun deployment of these initiatives.

Though many health systems have achieved or have been working toward integration and care coordination for decades, most physicians are still thoughtfully gathering information and seeking to understand how integration applies to their practice and patients. Large hospital systems have already begun to position themselves with the necessary infrastructure and financial strength to become clinically integrated and form accountable care organizations.


The mission of the AMA-IPPS is to advance, through policy and education, the interests of multispecialty, physician-led, integrated health care delivery and groups actively working toward such systems of coordinated care. Through the AMA-IPPS the American Medical Association seeks to influence nascent medical policy and immerging regulations around the integrated practice model to optimize the future of health care delivery for physicians and patients. The AMA-IPPS is committed to providing a learning environment where physicians from existing physician-led, integrated organizations can network and learn from each other, and share their experience with physician leaders moving toward integration.


The AMA-IPPS has a governing council of eight physician members who represent a broad spectrum of physician-led large, medium, small, single- or multi-specialty systems/groups and IPAs. Members of the governing council bring to the AMA-IPPS expertise on leadership and governance, and deep working knowledge of organizations and systems of care that focus on comprehensive, integrated primary care and specialty care services.