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Specialty and Service Society Caucus

The Specialty and Service Society (SSS) is the largest caucus in the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates (HOD). The SSS is made up of over 130 national medical societies, military service groups and professional interest medical associations. The SSS meets twice annually in conjunction with the Interim and Annual Meetings of the AMA HOD.

Specialty societies by and large make up the majority of the SSS. There are two categories of groups in the SSS. First there are those societies that have seats in the HOD and then there are those seeking admission to the House. There are 116 national medical specialties, two professional interest medical associations and five military service groups in the HOD. An association must first be represented in the SSS for three years before they are eligible to seek admission to the HOD and these groups are typically referred to as "SSS groups." At any given time there are approximately 20 or more SSS groups waiting to gain admission to the HOD. In addition to participation in the SSS, societies must also comply with several other criteria for admission to the HOD.

An eight person Governing Council oversees the SSS and is elected by the SSS membership.

The SSS is also composed of several committees that handle various aspects of SSS planning. These committees include the Credentials Committee, Rules Committee, Long Range Planning Committee and the Nominating Committee.

Staff support for the SSS is provided by AMA Federation Relations.

Governing Council of the Specialty and Service Society

Societies represented in the SSS (not yet seated in the HoD - SSS Groups)

Meeting agenda

Five-year review

Guidelines for admission to the Specialty and Service Society

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