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About the Council on Medical Service (CMS)

Members of the Council on Medical Service (CMS)

Seated: Lisa Egbert, MD; W. Alan Harmon, MD; Peter S. Lund, MD; Kristy L. Hawley, MPH; Robert E. Hertzka, MD; and Peter E. Lavine, MD. Standing: Lynda Young, MD; Paul A. Wertsch, MD; James G. Hinsdale, MD; Thomas Madejski, MD; and Asa C. Lockhart, MD, MBA. Not pictured: Laura Faye Gephart, MD, MBA

Through its reports, the Council on Medical Service recommends AMA policies and actions for consideration by the AMA House of Delegates on the socioeconomic factors that influence the practice of medicine. Council reports cover a wide range of topics, including:

Reports by House of Delegates meeting
Access full-text Council on Medical Service reports from the past five years.