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Council on Medical Education Reports and Resolutions

2014 Annual Meeting
2013 Interim Meeting
2013 Annual Meeting
2012 Interim Meeting
2012 Annual Meeting
2011 Interim Meeting
2011 Annual Meeting
2010 Interim Meeting
2010 Annual Meeting
2009 Interim Meeting
2009 Annual Meeting

Report 1 - Annual Report of AMA Medical Education Activities: 2008

Report 2 - Council on Medical Education Sunset Review of 1999 House of Delegates Policies

Report 3 - Remediation

Report 4 - Protecting Residents During Residency Program Closure
Responds to: CME Report 7, A-06, Resolutions 310, 311, 312, A-06

Report 5 - Fellowship Application Reform
Responds to: CME Report 3, A-07

Report 6 - Monitoring Trends in Financing and Availability of CME
Responds to: CME Report 5, A-07

Report 7 - Transforming the Medical Education Learning Environment
Responds to: CME Report 9, A-07

Report 8 - Update on the Uses of Simulation in Medical Education
Responds to: CME Report 15, A-07

Report 9 - Communication and Clinical Teaching Curricula
Responds to: Resolution 804, I-07

Report 10 - Promoting Physician Lifelong Learning
Responds to: CME Report 3, A-08 (Recommendation 2)

Report 11 - Integrating Content Related to Public Health and Preventive Medicine Across the Medical Education Continuum
Responds to: CME Report 8, A-08 (Recommendation 2)

Report 12 - Recognition of Osteopathic Education and Training
Responds to: Resolution 302, A-08

Report 13 - Medical Student Debt
Responds to: Resolution 304, A-08, Medical Student Debt Crisis, Resolution 313, A-08, Alternative Approaches to Dealing with Medical School Tuition Costs and Student Indebtedness, Resolution 320, A-08, Tax Deductibility of Medical Education

Report 14 - Physician-Scientist Benefit Equity
Responds to: Resolution 314, A-08

Report 15 - Education in Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness During Medical School and Residency Training
Responds to: Resolution 319, A-08

Report 16 - Maintenance of Certification/Maintenance of Licensure (Informational Report)

Report 17 - Industry Support of Professional Education in Medicine
Responds to: CEJA Report 1, Industry Support of Professional Education in Medicine

2008 Interim Meeting
2008 Annual Meeting
2008 Annual Meeting Board of Trustees Report

Report 19 Board of Trustees Report Gender Disparities in Physician Income and Advancement

2008 Annual Meeting Resolutions considered by Reference Committee C

Resolution 301  Support for the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) Program and Preventive Medicine Residency Expansion

Resolution 302  Recognition of Osteopathic Education and Training

Resolution 303  Protection of the Titles "Doctor," "Resident" and "Residency" (transferred to Reference Committee B)

Resolution 304  Medical Student Debt Crisis

Resolution 305  Oppose Discrimination in Residency Selection Based on International Medical Graduate Status

Resolution 306  Waiver of US Medical Licensing Examination Step 2-CS Requirements

Resolution 307  Student Loan Empowerment

Resolution 308  Encouragement of Interprofessional Education Among Health Care Professions Students

Resolution 309  Increasing Medical School Class Sizes

Resolution 310  Transparency in Medical Schools' Utilization of Funds from Tuition and Fee Increases

Resolution 311  Credentialing Materials: Timely Submission by Residency and Fellowship Programs

Resolution 312  Study of the Impact of MedicalEducation on Patient Safety

Resolution 313  Alternative Approaches to Dealing with Medical School Tuition Costs and Student Indebtedness

Resolution 314  Physician Scientist Benefit Equity

Resolution 315  Evaluation of Increasing Resident Review Committee Requirements

Resolution 316  Loss of Status Following Family Medical Leave Act Qualified Leave During Residency Training

Resolution 317  Telemedicine and Medical Licensure

Resolution 318  Protecting Patients and Residents by Reducing Extended Work Shifts

Resolution 319  Medical Education in Disaster Response

Resolution 320  Tax Deductibility of Medical Education

Resolution 321  Promotion of Better Pain Care

Resolution 322  Non-ABMS Boards (withdrawn)

Resolution 323  Improvements to the Maintenance of Certification Process

Resolution 324  Competition for Clinical Training Sites

Resolution 325  Licensing for Qualified Physicians on Case by Case Basis

Resolution 326  IMGs on State Medical Licensing Boards

Resolution 327  Eliminating Disparities in Licensure for IMG Physicians