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Ethics Timeline: 1941 to 1980

House of Delegates adopted a council report condemning fee splitting in health care

AMA establishes Committee on Geriatrics to outline basic problems of aging

After two years of debate, The Principles of Medical Ethics was revised, eliminating regulations on specific conduct with broad, fundamental ethical principles. This change gave the Judicial Council broad rule- making authority, allowing them to issue ethical pronouncements without securing House of Delegates approval

AMA adopts report to Board of Trustees stating that a need exists for more women physicians and reviews specific changes necessary to increase the number of women physicians

AMA presents recommendations to insure adequate protection of individuals used in human experimentation

AMA adopts resolution opposing sex discrimination in medical institutions

AMA encourages handicapped access to public facilities

AMA adopts resolution seeking an increase in participation of women physicians in organized medicine

AMA develops national policy endorsing hospice care to enable the terminally ill to die in a more homelike environment

James S. Todd, MD eloquently defends his ad hoc committee's new Principles of Medical Ethics at the Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates. This new version of the Principles addressed changing ethical issues in the field of medicine