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AMA Historical Archives

Rare AMA Documents and PhotographsThe AMA Archives – the memory of the American Medical Association –is a unique asset exclusively available to AMA members, medical society and AMA staff researchers.  The Archives documents the rich history of the nation's most respected and influential medical organization. Composed of more than ninety major collections, the Archives preserves documents, photographs, films, books, memorabilia, and artifacts that cover the full range of AMA initiatives and activities from medical ethics and medical education to clinical research, public health, and scores of other professional issues.  The Archives is an extensive historical resource about the AMA and, by extension, the social history of American medicine.  

As noted by Director of Records Management and Archives, Allen J. Podraza, "we are committed to serving as the memory of the Association, preserving and providing access to AMA's historical records; meeting the informational needs of AMA staff, members and medical society executives; and showcasing the AMA's history and Archives."  Whether you are writing an article, a paper, or book; producing a documentary film or video; preparing a slide presentation or exhibition; or simply have an interest in knowing more about AMA history, you are invited to schedule an appointment to visit the Archives at the AMA headquarters in Chicago.  For an appointment, call or e-mail:

American Medical Association
AMA Plaza
330 N. Wabash Avenue, Suite 39300
Chicago IL 60611-5885

(312) 464-4083