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Troops Join Indiana Alliance in Effort to Raise PTSD Awareness

PTSD accounts for roughly half of diagnosed mental disorders among recent veterans

Treat Our Troops

(Photo courtesy of the Indianapolis Star)

On a recent sunny Sunday morning, the American Legion Mall in Indianapolis was awash in military fatigues and uniforms as more than 600 volunteer walkers marched to help the Indiana State Medical Association Alliance (ISMAA) raise community awareness of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the military.

“In 2008, Indiana led the nation in the largest number of troops deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan,” explained Cami Pond, ISMAA president. “One in eight returning Indiana troops will be diagnosed with PTSD. This will affect literally thousands of Indiana citizen soldiers and their families.” PTSD accounts for approximately half of diagnosed mental disorders in returning service personnel.

AMA President J. James Rohack, MD, addressed gathering and led the PTSD walk along with Indiana Lt. Governor Becky Skillman.

According to Kelda Maynard, AMA-Alliance Foundation Committee Member, the US armed services personnel appeared to be happy to take part in the event and many thanked the event organizers.

The awareness program, Treat the Troops: Mental Health Matters, was partially sponsored by the AMA Foundation as part of the Healthy Living Grant Program. In addition to the awareness walk, the grant also provided funding for PTSD educational materials and screening tools for physicians and PTSD brochures for military families of deployed soldiers.

In addition to the PTSD awareness resulting from the event itself, the event was covered in the Indianapolis Star and news stories on local network affiliates.