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Scholarship Recipient Quotes and Pictures

I'm very humbled by the receipt of this award and thankful to all those who made it possible!

—Michael Osborn, 2013 Physicians of Tomorrow

It is an honor to be recognized for something that you love to do.

—Moneika Owens, 2013 Physicians of Tomorrow

The AMA seed grant has been an essential source of funding to provide the reagents necessary for these experiments. I am incredibly grateful to have received this grant, and am indebted to the AMA for its support of medical student research. Many Thanks!

—Scott Thomas Robinson, Seed Grant 2013

The award is a huge help for me financially, in easing the debt load of medical school. It's also a wonderful way to acknowledge the importance of clear communication in health care, which grows more important as medicine gets more complex.

—Andy Dworkin, Hammond Journalism Scholarship 2013

This award has made things much easier for me. It has freed up my time and energy so that I am able to spend it on the things I love to do, such as Podcasts, writing, and online journals. I hope to use the media to touch the general public and create excitement and enthusiasm for topics in medicine.

—John Corker, Hammond Journalism Scholarship 2013

I would love to say thanks to the AMA Foundation, and I hope I can live up to this award.

—Whitney Burns, POTA 2013

It is deeply humbling to be recognized as a Physician of Tomorrow, and it gives me a boost of confidence in my aspirations to effect positive changes in the delivery of healthcare for patients and communities.

—Michele Luhm Vigor, 2013 Physicians Of Tomorrow