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Medical Education


Today's medical students and residents face greater financial pressures than ever before. The AMA Foundation provides financial assistance through scholarships, grants and awards to deserving medical students and residents across the nation.

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Craig W. Anderson, MD

"The AMA Foundation is a wonderful vehicle to give back to the profession that has meant so much to us. Physician-led philanthropy is an essential element to creating a robust future for the medical profession."
—Craig W. Anderson, MD

Peter B. Kang, MD

"The AMA Foundation is unique. It is a national organization that crosses specialty boundaries to provide vital encouragement to medical students, residents, and young physicians through scholarships, research grants, and awards. It also funds public health projects and recognizes the accomplishments of minority scholars."
—Peter B. Kang, MD


Minority Scholars Award 
$10,000 scholarships for first and second-year medical students from historically underrepresented groups in the medical profession.

Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships 
$10,000 scholarships for rising fourth-year medical students, based on academic excellence and financial need.

Scholars Fund 
Scholarship assistance for medical schools across the country.

Arthur N. Wilson, MD Scholarship 
A $5,000 scholarship for a medical student who graduated from a high school in Southeast Alaska.

Scholarship Recipient Quotes and Pictures 
Learn how AMA Foundation scholarships have had an impact on medical students.

AMA Medical Student Section resources for financing medical school 

General application instructions
By February of each year, the AMA Foundation will send a detailed packet of scholarship information to each medical school's office of the dean, student affairs, multicultural affairs and financial aid. It is through one of these offices that you can receive nomination and application information. For the Minority Scholars Award, the Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarships and the Scholars Fund, the office of the dean or dean's designate must select you for these opportunities; you can not apply for assistance directly to the AMA Foundation. Please note all deadlines for any Foundation scholarship or grant application are “arrive by” deadlines. This means that if you mail us your application, the materials must arrive at the AMA Foundation headquarters on or before that date.

If you have questions about AMA Foundation scholarship opportunities, please contact:

Bernadette Lim, Program Associate
(312) 464-5019

Research grants

The AMA Foundation is dedicated to supporting the medical research of students and residents, but funding for research projects is scarce, so the AMA Foundation provides assistance to further medical discoveries in a wide range of categories.

Seed Grant Research Program
Grants for basic, applied and clinical research

Other research opportunities
Information on other research grants and forums


Please visit our Public Health page to learn about leadership and community service awards that recognize medical students, residents and physicians.

In their own words

La Shawna Clark
AMA Foundation scholarship recipient
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

La Shawna Clark and family
La Shawna Clark and family at the AMA Annual Meeting 

"Undoubtedly, without this scholarship I would not have been able to continue my summer session as a rising M4 at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. The tremendously inspiring work of the AMA Foundation in seeking out donors, who are in my perspective--true heroes, gives me hope amidst daunting odds. Completion of medical school definitely looks brighter now and I have you all to thank for being such a ray of sunshine."

Craig W. Anderson, MD
Columbus, Ohio
AMA Foundation Board Member
Donor, Physicians of Tomorrow Scholarship, Ohio Honor Fund

Craig W. Anderson, MD

"After hearing the plights of the medical students both at the AMA meeting and at home, we decided we could have a greater impact by more rapidly expanding our donations through a larger fund, such as the Ohio Honor Fund. Our foundation gift represents our commitment to the future of medicine. The AMA Foundation unites all physicians on a national level, showing our shared support and compassion."