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What Was the UFM Campaign?

The Uniting for the Future of Medicine (UFM) campaign represented a new direction for the AMA Foundation, placing a greater emphasis than ever before on funding public health initiatives while expanding its traditional role of providing financial assistance for medical students.  The campaign called upon physicians across the country to join together and help provide new funding for innovative, physician-led initiatives to improve health care at the national and local levels. 

This campaign captured the power of speaking with a single charitable voice – one aimed both at influencing the next generation of physician leaders and at helping guide medicine in a new direction for years to come.

The UFM campaign was initiated in 2003, announced at the AMA Interim House of Delegates meeting in 2005 and concluded on December 31, 2010.
All AMA Foundation programs were supported by the UFM campaign; therefore, all AMA Foundation donors during the life of the campaign continue to be valued UFM supporters. 

The UFM Campaign Results Extend the Reach of the AMA Foundation

After raising $7 million for the expansion of American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation public health and medical education initiatives, the Uniting for the Future of Medicine (UFM) campaign concluded on December 31, 2010. Launched in 2005, the UFM campaign made an impact on the lives of patients, medical students and communities across the nation.

UFM Chair Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD, said that the UFM campaign advanced every aspect of the AMA Foundation.

“Through UFM we raised more money over a brief time period than the AMA Foundation ever has in its long history.  It really helped to strategically advance our mission and bring in dozens of new volunteers and thousands of new donors,” concluded Dr. Lazarus, who is Speaker of the AMA House of Delegates.

More than 60 volunteers led the UFM campaign and engaged nearly 4,000 donors in support of AMA Foundation programs. Below are some of the highlights of the campaign’s achievements:

  • More than 10,000 uninsured patients received care through grants to free clinics
  • 564 medical education grants and scholarships were awarded
  • 30,000 health care professionals learned about health literacy through the AMA Foundation’s train-the-trainer programs
  • 329 physician practices were granted recovery relief following six natural disasters
  • Five major health literacy and patient safety resources were developed for clinicians

The AMA Foundation would like to thank everyone who contributed to the campaign as a donor or volunteer. We are highly committed to carry on what they have so successfully begun and to continue to build support for the AMA Foundation’s role in the future of medicine.

Founding UFM Leadership

Jeremy A. Lazarus, MD, chair
Mary Anne McCaffree, MD, national co-chair
D. Robert McCaffree, MD, national co-chair
Robert E. McAfee, MD, national co-chair
Ronald P. Bangasser, MD †
Linda B. Ford, MD
Barney R. Maynard, MD
Cecil B. Wilson, MD