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2012 Annual Report

This is a historic time of change for America’s health care system and the challenges before physicians are many. But with every challenge comes opportunity—the chance to make things better than they are and influence the health care environment of the future.

In 2012, a period in which the American Medical Association showed positive operating results for the 13th consecutive year and strengthened our membership base by more than 3 percent, the AMA began to focus its significant resources on three ambitious goals:

  • Improved outcomes for patients leading to a reduction in health care costs
  • Physicians working in a sustainable, professionally satisfying environment, that they themselves help to create
  • A new generation of medical students, trained to transition seamlessly into 21st century medicine

Designed to create a better future for our nation’s patients, physicians and medical students, these goals support the AMA’s broader vision of forging common ground on which to build the high-quality and efficient health care delivery system our country deserves.

Throughout 2012 the AMA made vital the work of restoring for physicians the joy in medicine. We did so by working to take the hassles out of the practice environment and enable physicians to spend their time doing what they do best—caring for patients. We did so by partnering with state and specialty medical societies, by listening and responding to physicians, by leading grassroots efforts to appropriately shape and advance sound legislation, and attracting leading researchers to share their groundbreaking medical findings through our new and engaging resource, The JAMA Network®.

By staying grounded in our rich legacy of putting the interests of physicians and patients first, the AMA will continue to build an arc to an ever more promising future. To those who have joined our journey—by serving in our House of Delegates, on our councils, sections and special groups, and by lending their unique insights and counsel in countless other ways—we offer deep and sincere gratitude. And, finally, to the AMA staff whose knowledge, effort and dedication make all of this possible, we say congratulations and thank you.

Steven J. Stack, MD
Board of Trustees

Mary Anne McCaffree, MD
Finance Committee Chair
Board of Trustees

James L. Madara, MD
Executive Vice President,
Chief Executive Officer