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Young Physicians Section (YPS) Advocacy & Policy

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The Young Physicians Section (YPS) represents the voice of young physicians and advocates for the issues that affect their practices and their patients.

Learn about our governing council  and get involved with the Young Physicians Section Assembly.

Get Involved in Young Physicians Section Policymaking

The AMA and its members play a crucial role in shaping health policy at all levels. The YPS encourages young physicians to get involved in different parts of the policymaking process.

The YPS considers resolutions in its Annual and Interim Assembly meetings. The resolution deadline for each Annual Assembly Meeting of the YPS is April 30 and the resolution deadline for each Interim Assembly Meeting is Sept. 30. Resolutions can be submitted via email to [email protected].

2017 YPS Interim Meeting

YPS Online Discussion Forum
The online discussion forum for the 2017 Interim Assembly Meeting is scheduled to open Oct. 12, 2017. The section's reports and resolutions also will be available for download as part of the Interim Assembly meeting handbook. As is customary, delegates will also have the opportunity to testify on reports and resolutions during the YPS Assembly meeting on Friday, Nov. 10.

YPS Convention Committees
The YPS through its Reference and HOD Handbook Review Committees help shape AMA policy by developing positions on issues of concern for young physicians.  To volunteer for one of these committees, please email [email protected] or when you register for the YPS Assembly meeting. Learn more about YPS convention committees.

Young Physicians Section Policy Resources

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