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Scope of Practice

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Each year, in nearly every state, non-physician health care professionals lobby state legislatures and regulatory boards to expand their scope of practice. While some scope expansions may be appropriate, others definitely are not.

Through resources, research and the Scope of Practice Partnership, the AMA has what you need to advance your scope-of-practice advocacy agenda.

Issue Briefs

Draw on issue briefs and other resources for background on major topics related to scope of practice.

Model Legislation

Those looking to strengthen scope of practice laws in their state can use the following AMA model bills and legislative templates as a starting point in the law-making process.

Other Resources

Scope of practice laws vary from state to state. Learn about state medical liability laws in your state and across the country. 

Scope of Practice Partnership

The Scope of Practice Partnership (SOPP) is a collaborative effort of the American Medical Association, American Osteopathic Association (AOA), national medical societies, state medical associations and state osteopathic medical associations that focuses the resources of organized medicine to oppose scope of practice expansions by non-physician providers that threaten the health and safety of patients.

At all times, the SOPP has as its goal the protection of the health and safety of patients whose well-being may be threatened by health care practitioners who lack the education, training or experience to perform procedures for which they seek licensure or recognition.

This goal is accomplished through a combination of legislative activities; regulatory activities; judicial advocacy; and programs of information, research and education. The AMA provides staff to manage the operation of the SOPP.

The SOPP has supported the development of resources available to AMA members and Federation staff.

Geographic Mapping Initiative

Maps in the AMA Geographic Mapping Initiative (geomaps) compare where physicians practice versus where non-physicians practice in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The power behind this resource is that advocates can overlay the physician and non-physician maps to visually demonstrate that non-physicians and physicians tend to practice in the same areas.

Scope of Practice Data Series Modules

The Scope of Practice Data Series Modules (modules) can help advocates educate legislators, regulatory bodies and other policymakers about the education and training of certain health care professionals, as well as about the qualifications that physicians must attain to accept the responsibility for full, unrestricted licensure to practice medicine.

Use the modules to challenge the advocacy campaigns of non-physician health care professionals who seek unwarranted scope of practice expansions that may endanger the health and safety of patients.

Contact Information

Please contact Kristin Schleiter, senior legislative attorney, at [email protected] to learn more about scope of practice or to access any of the resources described on this page.

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