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MSS Meeting Agenda & Important Dates

Download the AMA Meetings app or review key dates and deadlines for the MSS Interim Meeting on Nov. 9-11 in Honolulu, Hawaii.
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Agenda & Agenda Book

As they become available, use the agenda and agenda book to learn more about scheduled events. Visit the MSS Meeting Documents page for other materials.

Key Dates, Deadlines and Events

  • Aug. 9—Deadline for Research Symposium abstracts
  • Aug. 15—Deadline to submit a program idea
  • Aug. 21 - Deadline to apply to serve on a Convention Committee
  • Aug. 28—Deadline to post on Open Forum
  • Aug. 28—Deadline to email idea to your region delegation chair
  • Sept. 6—Draft resolutions due
  • Sept. 13—Preliminary scoring and reviews due to authors
  • Sept. 13—Deadline for authors to reach out to specialty societies for external resolutions
  • Sept. 20—Final resolutions due
  • Sept. 20—Deadline for primary authors to respond to primary reviewer's feedback
  • Oct. 9—Cutoff date for hotel reservation
  • Nov. 5—(2 a.m. Central) Deadline for MSS Interim Meeting registration 
  • Nov. 9-11—MSS Interim Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Nov. 10Research Symposium

AMA Meetings App

The 2017 Interim Meeting details will be available on the app in October. Use the AMA Meetings app during the meeting for comprehensive information about activities and events.

Learn how to use the AMA Meetings app for Interim and Annual Meetings.
Get the Overview

Visit the MSS Interim Meeting overview page to stay current on meeting information.

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