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Council on Long Range Planning & Development (CLRPD) Projects

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The Council on Long Range Planning and Development (CLRPD) works on projects based on actions of the AMA House of Delegates or Board of Trustees.

Some of the current projects of the CLRPD include:

  • Health Care Trends Report: This assessment of the changing health care environment helps physicians and the AMA identify, anticipate and address emerging issues. Access sections of the Health Care Trends Report through the AMA Education Center to earn free CME credit. (Note: To access a full list of chapters available in the Education Center, please search “Health Care Trends” in quotation marks).
  • Stakeholder Analysis: The Council on Long Range Planning and Development gathers and analyzes comments from the AMA's stakeholders as well as the broader physician population to assess emerging issues and changes seen day-to-day in the medical practice.
  • Governance of AMA Groups and Sections: CLRPD responds to resolutions from the AMA House of Delegates and the AMA Board of Trustees regarding a change in status for an existing AMA group or the creation of a new section. The council conducts an analysis for addressing these requests and provides a clear process for groups seeking a formalized role within the AMA in the Establishment and Function of Sections report (PDF), adopted at the 2010 Interim Meeting of the House of Delegates.
  • Demographic Report: The council provides a biennial demographic analysis of the AMA House of Delegates and AMA Leadership. Access the 2017 Demographic Report (PDF) to learn more about the demographic changes of physician delegates in the AMA.

For those who wish to form a new section within the AMA, download the Letter of Application for Section Status (PDF).

Delineated sections need to verify their qualifications for section status every 5 years. Download the Letter of Application for Renewal of Delineated Section Status (PDF) to begin the process.

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