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Submitting a Resolution to the Senior Physicians Section (SPS)

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Resolution Deadline: Sept. 9

Being part of the AMA and SPS also brings the opportunity to influence policies within the organization. The Section leadership welcomes proposals from members to identify the needs of senior physicians (i.e., doctors age 65 and over, both active and retired). 

The emphasis on certain medical issues and medical practice trends changes over time. It is both beneficial and effective to the Section if the AMA voices the positions doctors take on the current issues of the day that impact all senior physicians. 

Although proposed resolutions on any topic will be given consideration, the following are broad topics affecting senior physicians that are more likely to be accepted for transmittal to the House of Delegates (HOD) for adoption:

  1. Practice patterns and transitioning out of practice. Senior physicians should stay in practice as long as they have the desire and competency to do so, in order to care for an expanding patient population. How can senior physicians be an ongoing resource, thereby using their talents and experience?
  2. Senior physicians' roles in supplementing or filling gaps in community health needs. How can senior physicians impact health concerns or the delivery of health services for the medically underserved or those suffering chronic diseases?
  3. Overcoming barriers to adopting and implementing technology. What kind of improvements can be made to address recordkeeping, administrative processes or care coordination to help physicians as they age?

An initial review of all resolutions will focus on whether the resolution pertains to the mission of the Section and if the proposal duplicates existing AMA policy

For those needing help with a proposed resolution, contact the section's delegate, Claire Wolfe, MD at [email protected], or alternate delegate, John Knote, MD at [email protected] for assistance. A resolution template (DOC) or resolution idea template (DOCX) are available. Resolutions must be submitted via email by the due date to [email protected]. Upon receipt, a confirmation email will be sent. 

Each resolution submitted to the virtual SPS meeting may result in either a directive for action or a new policy statement to be transmitted to the HOD for consideration. Please plan to discuss the SPS resolution idea on the online member forum.

SPS Policy

Before writing or submitting a new resolution, view the AMA's PolicyFinder to see if a similiar AMA policy already exists. Please note the following resolutions related to senior physician issues:

Online Member Forum: Sept.12–23

For 2 weeks, resolutions will be posted to an online member forum that allows senior physicians from across the United States to access, review and comment on them. SPS members will receive an email invitation letting them know when to provide their testimony or comments during the open forum period. Please enter testimony on resolutions and be sure to specify how the proposed action benefits senior physicians and/or their patients. All feedback will help in determining the appropriate actions for the virtual SPS meeting. Please contact us with any questions.

Virtual SPS Assembly: Thursday, Sept. 29 (8 p.m. EDT)

Following the online member forum, consensus opinions on SPS reports and resolutions will be developed during the virtual SPS meeting. The meeting convenes via teleconference and discusses feedback from the member forum. updates from the SPS Governing Council chair and provides an opportunity to hear from SPS members during the open discussion period. Please RSVP to [email protected]  by Sept. 26 to receive the information needed to call into the virtual SPS meeting.

SPS Assembly Meeting: Saturday, Nov. 12 

The SPS will hold its next assembly meeting during the AMA's Interim Meeting in Orlando. Any physicians 65 years of age or older or who are interested in senior physician issues are welcome to attend. Any SPS member who attends will be considered part of the assembly and may introduce new items of business related to the section's mission and review items in the HOD Handbook.

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