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State Advocacy

Explore the AMA’s efforts to enhance health care and the practice of medicine by reforming state laws that affect physicians.
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The AMA works to create an improved health care system for all by shaping the policymaking process of influential national policymaking organizations, partnering with outside experts and stakeholder groups and influencing the enactment and/or defeat of state legislation and regulations.

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Advocacy Resource Center (ARC)

The American Medical Association Advocacy Resource Center works to help shape and inform state legislation, regulations and policies in support of patients and physicians. By supporting policies that improve patient health, protect trusted patient/physician interactions and promote sustainable physician practices, the AMA’s work, in coordination with state and national medical specialty societies, has resulted in the defeat and/or enactment of hundreds of proposed state laws and regulations.

Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

Learn about the AMA’s legislative and regulatory priorities for 2017, including recent advocacy achievements.

Federal & State Correspondence Finder

Search by topic for AMA testimonies, comment letters and sign-on letters. Then refine your search by year or recipient.

Contact Information

For contact information, please view the ARC Staff Directory (PDF).

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