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Election Rules for Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Positions

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Nomination Procedures

  • Candidates are nominated during the business meeting and under conditions determined by the chair.
  • Candidates for a position on the governing council can offer their names for only 1 position per ballot.
  • Uncontested races (i.e., those with the same number of candidates as positions available) are decided by applause, eliminating the need for a written ballot.
  • If a member of the governing council is elected to another position on the council, residents may announce their candidacy for the vacated position.


  • Only credentialed Resident and Fellow Section delegates or their credentialed alternates may vote.
  • Ballots will be sent via Survey Monkey only to credentialed Resident and Fellow Section delegates. Credentialed members must verify their email address with the credentials committee.
  • Each voter must mark the ballot exactly as directed.

Verification of Ballot

  • The credentials committee will verify election results in the presence of Resident and Fellow Section staff. If more ballots are received than were distributed by the credentials committee, the process will stop and the results invalidated. Staff will begin the process distributing ballots.

Counting of Ballots

  • Races with 2 candidates are considered first.
  • The candidate that receives a majority of the legal ballots cast will be elected and the credentials committee chair shall certify the results to the chair after all races have been decided.
  • A race with 3 or more candidates will be decided as follows:
    • Voided ballots for that race will not be considered in the total required to elect.
    • A majority of the legal ballots cast shall be required for election.
    • If no candidate receives a legal majority, a run-off will be held between the top 2 candidates.


Majority: One more than 50% of the legal votes cast for a given office, rounded to the next highest integer.

Election of Alternate Delegate

  • Candidates who were not selected as delegates can submit their names for alternate delegate.
  • Each voting representative to the business meeting who is present at the meeting may cast a ballot for the election of the alternate delegate from among those nominated.
  • Election to the office of alternate delegate requires a majority of the legal votes cast.


If a Resident and Fellow Section Governing Council position becomes vacant between business meetings, the governing council can ask for applications to select an interim person to handle the duties until the next business meeting. This is not mandatory and instead the vacant position can be handled at the next business meeting, pursuant to RFS Internal Operating Procedures.

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