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Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) Editorial Panel

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Upcoming Meetings

The next CPT® Editorial Panel meeting will be held June 1–3, 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts.


The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) Editorial Panel is tasked with ensuring that CPT codes remain up to date and reflect the latest medical care in new and emerging technologies provided to patients. In order to do this, the Panel maintains an open process and convenes meetings 3 times per year to address applications to revise the CPT code set, such as adding or deleting a code or modifying existing nomenclature, soliciting the direct input of practicing physicians, medical device manufacturers, developers of the latest diagnostic tests, and advisors from over 100 societies representing physicians and other qualified health care professionals. The group has the final authority to decide on assigning a code’s category, whether it is a Category I or Category III.


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CPT Process—How a Code Becomes a Code

Did you ever wonder how CPT codes are created and how the code set is maintained? This section provides a brief overview and history of CPT, the process of code request submission and review, and the roles that the Panel and Advisory Committee groups have in the process.

CPT Process Rules

The CPT Process Rules are for individuals participating in the CPT Editorial or Workgroup processes. The documents provide an understanding of the standards and expectations to ensure the integrity and quality of the CPT Code process and the resulting CPT code set.

CPT Code Change Application FAQ’s

Statement on Lobbying

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