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Telehealth Services Workgroup

For individuals interested in identifying coding solutions for Telehealth services, the CPT® Telehealth Services Workgroup, comprised of relevant medical specialties/organizations and industry stakeholders was formed to review and recommend additions and changes to the CPT code set for medical services utilizing telehealth technology. The charge of this ad-hoc workgroup is to:

  • Recommend solutions for the reporting of current non-telehealth services when using remote telehealth technology (to include but not limited to E/M services). Considerations will include potential new codes, use of current codes without or with modifier, add-on code(s).
  • Address the accuracy of current code set in describing the services provided when telehealth data is reviewed and analyzed, including potential code set revisions and/or education for:
    • Appropriate code use (e.g., E/M versus data analysis codes).
    • Potential code development to report analysis of transmitted data.
    • Definition of data types whose interpretation will require differentiation and consideration of separate reporting of current E/M services/codes.
    • Potential new E/M services codes based on emerging new patterns for sites of service.
  • Recommend whether any other telehealth service codes should be developed based upon services currently being provided.
  • Develop new introductory language or modify existing introductory language to guide coding of telehealth services.

The workgroup facilitates discussions with key stakeholders who may wish to bring forward telehealth services applications for consideration. According to the CPT Editorial Panel AdHoc Workgroup Organizational Structure and Processes (PDF) guidance, all workgroup recommendations will be presented in a Code Change Application(s) for consideration by the CPT Editorial Panel. Participation in the Telehealth Services Workgroup does not preclude the submission of a separately developed code change application for consideration by the Editorial Panel.

If you are interested in participating in the CPT Telehealth Services Workgroup, please submit a written statement that provides your rationale for participation in this workgroup and a brief description of your particular expertise that would ensure the success of the workgroup to [email protected].

The workgroup seeks input from individuals who can provide the technical expertise regarding telehealth services to assure the ongoing relevance of the CPT code set. Participation in this workgroup is limited to parties with demonstrated expertise relevant to current telehealth technology and the clinical procedural aspects of telehealth services/procedures. Participants are expected to perform or represent those who perform the services under consideration by the workgroup and have the expertise and interest necessary to contribute to the workgroup. Participation is intended to provide expertise relating to general categories of telehealth and not to advance the proprietary interests of specific parties. As such, preference will be granted to professional and trade organizations that reflect a category of telehealth services rather than a single product.

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