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Certifying Delegates for Resident Fellow Assembly

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Provide Proof of AMA Membership

For nonmembers trying to attain credentials for an assembly meeting, a membership card or canceled check must be presented to the credentials committee. If no proof is available, the representative may have to pay dues at the meeting. A refund will be issued if membership is proven retroactively.

Society Representatives

The business meeting shall include resident and fellow representatives from constituent associations, federal services, national medical specialty societies and professional interest medical associations represented in the AMA House of Delegates. States and specialty societies will submit the names of endorsing members to the RFS staff at least 4 weeks prior to the meeting. Delegates representing their society must be AMA members.

Apply for At-large Delegate Positions

Individual residents who desire voting rights at the RFS Assembly meeting can apply for an at-large delegate position. Applications will be accepted both before the meeting and on-site at the credentialing table.

Assigning Unfilled Seats

If there are unfilled delegate seats at the time of the assembly meeting, any resident who requests credentialing will be credentialed on a first-come first-serve basis as either at-large delegates or delegates of their state or specialty.

Medical Student Representatives

Medical students who have been accepted into approved residency programs and have not registered in the Medical Student Section shall be considered residents for the purpose of credentialing and running for leadership positions.

Individuals who have registered or intend to register in the Medical Student Section at the meeting in question are considered ineligible for credentials as a Resident Fellow Section delegate but can be awarded an official observer status in the Resident Fellow Section Assembly.

Process for Using Alternate Delegates

When a delegate is leaving the floor and wishes to have an alternate take his or her place, both individuals will approach the governing council secretary or credentials committee chair, who will transfer appropriate delegate credentials.

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