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About the Integrated Physician Practice Section (IPPS)

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The AMA Integrated Physician Practice Section (AMA-IPPS) gives voice to physicians in practice settings who advance physician-led integrated care and enables these physicians to participate in the AMA policymaking process.

Join the Integrated Physician Practice Section

To become certified as an Integrated Physician Practice Section representative, please complete the certification form (PDF) and return it via email to [email protected].

Visit the AMA-IPPS Get Involved page for information on how to participate in IPPS committees.

Stay in the Know With the IPPS Newsletter

Be the first to get the latest news on integrated care by signing up for our monthly newsletter. Just follow these quick steps to get started:

  1. Sign in to the preferences page.
  2. On the left navigation, click on "Subscriptions."
  3. Click "Add New Subscriptions."
  4. Click on Member Sections (located in the middle of the page).
  5. Scroll down to select "Integrated Practice Physicians."
instructions for subscribing to ipps newsletter

Have questions? Contact Carrie Waller at [email protected].

Physician-led Integrated Health Systems

There are various factors to consider when deciding whether to join or align with a physician-led integrated health system and IPPS has developed A Guide to Joining or Aligning With a Physician-led Integrated Health System (sign in required) to assist you in your decision. 

Whether a resident, physician in independent practice or a mid-career physician, the guide provides detailed analysis on various issues, including:

  • Types of physician-led integrated health systems available
  • Assessing the performance of a physician-led integrated health system
  • Determining which physician-led integrated health system is the right fit
  • Aligning options for independent practices

Our Mission

The mission of the Integrated Physician Practice Section is to advance, through policy and education, the interests of multispecialty, physician-led, integrated health care delivery, and groups actively working toward such systems of coordinated care.

The Governing Council recommends to the AMA Board of Trustees the appointments of representatives to medical education organizations, accrediting bodies and certification boards. Learn more about our governing council members who represent a broad spectrum of physician-led integrated systems and practice settings.

Contact Information

Keith Voogd
Director, Organized Physician Practice Sections
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300
Chicago, Illinois 60611-5885
(312) 464-4539
Fax: (312) 464-2405
keit[email protected]

Carrie Waller
Senior Group Manager
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300
Chicago, Illinois 60611-5885
(312) 464-4546
Fax: (312) 464-2450
[email protected]

Georgianne Cooper
Staff Assistant
330 N. Wabash Ave., Suite 39300
Chicago, Illinois 60611-5885
(312) 464-5622
Fax: (312) 464-2450
[email protected]

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