2015 AMA Interim Meeting
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Business of the American Medical Association House of Delegates 2015 Interim Meeting

Reports for inclusion in the 2015 Interim Meeting Handbook

BOT 01 Principles for Hospital Sponsored Electronic Health Records BOT 02 Donating Reimbursements to the American Medical Association Foundation BOT 03 2015 AMA Advocacy Efforts BOT 04 Redefining the AMA's Position on the ACA and Health Care Reform BOT 05 Pain Medicine BOT 06 Stark Law and Physician Compensation BOT 07 Employee Associations and Collective Bargaining for Physicians BOT 08 Health Care Entity Consolidation BOT 09 Advance Directives During Pregnancy BOT 10 2016 Strategic Plan Report of the Speakers - Recommendations for Policy Reconciliation

Resolutions submitted for inclusion in the 2015 Interim Meeting Handbook

The following DRAFT resolutions are subject to change. Final documents will be made available to the House of Delegates on or before Friday, October 16.

All resolutions submitted for consideration at the 2015 Interim Meeting are subject to review by the Resolution Committee which is responsible for reviewing resolutions to determine their compliance with the meeting's focus on advocacy and related issues.

001 - Membership and Representation in the Organized Medical Staff Section 002 - Ethical Parameters for Recommending Mobile Medical Applications 003 - Medical Students and Residents as Patients 004 - Definition of Resident and Fellow 005 - Medical Needs of Unaccompanied, Undocumented Immigrant Children 201 - Fiscal Scoring Medical Reform Legislation 202 - Maintaining Freedom of Choice with Insurance Products 203 - Quality Assurance and Meaningful Use Requirements 204 - Surrogate Consent Statute 205 - Inclusion of Health Insurers' Financial Support to Graduate Medical Education in the Medical Loss Ratio 206 - Use of Unlicensed Personnel to Perform Surgical Aspects of Hair Restoration Surgery 207 - Parity in Risk-Adjustment Between "Newly" and "Continuously" Assigned Medicare Shared Savings Program Beneficiaries 208 - Addressing Sexual Violence and Improving American Indian and Alaska Native Women's Health Outcomes 209 - Protecting Social Media Users by Updating FDA Guidelines 210 - Support for Veterans to Paramedics Transition Act of 2015 211 - Protect HealthCare.gov Consumers' Personal Data 212 - EHR Interoperability 213 - Opioid Abuse-Deterrent Prescription Drugs 214 - AMA Support for State Medical Societies Efforts to Implement MICRA-Type Legislation 215 - Insurance Regulators Must Regulate Insurers, Not Physicians 216 - Simplification of Alignment of Portal Systems by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services 217 - Health Insurance Company Consolidation 601 - Amending American Medical Association Meeting Policy 602 - Reducing Discrimination in the Practice of Medicine and Health Care Education 801 - Health Care While Incarcerated 802 - Elimination of Insurance Company and Insured Abuse of the Affordable Care Act Grace Period 803 - Discounts on Medication for Medicare Patients 804 - Concurrent Hospice and Curative Care 805 - Implementing the Use of EHR in Correctional System Health Services 806 - Abuse of Free Market Pharm 807 - Third Party Payer Coverage Process Reform and Advocacy 808 - Fixing the Emergency Treatment Coverage Gap 809 - Individual Risk Rating for Publicly-Funded Health Insurance 810 - Provider Exclusion, Decreased Patient Access and Reduced Provider Availability 811 - Health Benefit Plan Network Access and Adequacy for Hospital-Based Physicians 812 - Preserving Physician / Patient Relationships During Hospitalizations 901 - Access to Mental Health Care for Medical Trainees 902 - Educating Americans on Graduate Medical Education 903 - Maintenance of Certification 904 - A National Campaign to Improve Vaccination Rates 905 - Evaluating Green Space Initiative 906 - Implementing Medication Reminder Systems 907 - Maximizing Patient Outcomes Through Public Access to All Past, Present and Future Clinical Trials 908 - Novel Mechanism to Reduce Medical Student Debt 909 - Study OTC Availability of Naloxone 910 - Research the Effects of Physical and Verbal Violence Between Law Enforcement Officers and Public Citizens on Public Health Outcomes 911 - Maintenance of Certification Advocacy by our American Medical Association 912 - Evaluation of Factors During Residency and Fellowship that Impact Routine Health Maintenance 913 - Mental Health Services for Medical Staff 914 - Education in Business and Economics 915 - Resident and Fellow Physician Health and Wellness Report 916 - Plastic Microbeads in the Great Lakes 917 - Equity in Graduate Medical Education Funding 918 - Promoting the Successful Clinical Outcome of Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis 919 - CPR and AED Training and Equipment for Schools 920 - Tobacco-Free Military 921 - Transgenerational Effects of Environmental Toxins on Reproductive Health 922 - Marijuana Point of Sale Warning

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Readers of this material are reminded that it refers only to items to be considered by the House. No action has been taken on anything herein contained, and it is informational only. Only those items that have been acted on by the House can be considered official.

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