2015 AMA Annual Meeting
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The following draft resolutions are subject to change. Final documents will be made available to the HOD on or before Friday, May 8.

Resolutions submitted for the 2015 Annual Meeting Delegates Handbook

001–Rules for AMA Elections 002–AMA Parliamentary Authority 003–Proposed Revisions to the Bylaws of the AMA Section on Medical Schools 004–Confidentiality of Enrollment in Physicians (Professionals) Health Foundations 005–Principles of Human Subjects Research Shall Apply to Online Research Projects 006–Physician and Health Institution Publicity and Responsibility 007–Vaccination Requirements to Protect All Children 008–Protecting Patients and the Public by Immunizing Physicians 009–Parent to Parent Education on Child Vaccination 010–Ending Non-Medical Exemptions for Immunization 011–Military Medical Policies Affecting Transgender Individuals 101–Actual Allowable by MedicareInterest on Medicare Overpayments and Underpayments 102–Actual Allowable by Medicare 103–Three Day Stay Rule 104–Medicaid, CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program), and VFC (Vaccines for Children) Payment Reform 105–Expanding Medicare's Three-Day Hospital Stay Requirement to Include Observation Hours 106–Controlling the Skyrocketing Costs of Generic Prescription Drugs 107–Reimbursement for End-of-Life Counseling 108–Survivorship Care Plans 109–Medicare Coverage of Physician Administered Medications Procured by Patients 110–Removal of the Required Three Day Stay for Placement Into Skilled or Long Term Care Facilities 111–Evaluate Vouchers Program for Veterans to Purchase Private Health Insurance 112–Improving Timely Access to Quality Healthcare for America's Veterans 113–Three Day Stay Rule 114–An HSA Card will Give Veterans Better, Faster Health Care 115–Support for Inclusion of Vasectomy in the ACA Preventive Services and Contraceptive Mandate 116–Study of the Impact of the ACA Medicaid Expansion 201–Best Practices for Mobile Medical Applications 202–Measuring the Effect of Paid Sick Leave on Health Care Outcomes 203–Model State Legislation Eliminating Restrictive Covenants in Physician Contracts 204–Nomination for and Improvement of the Position of the Surgeon General of the United States 205–Doctor Owned Hospitals 206–Trade Deals Must Not Threaten Health or Environment 207–Appropriate Use of Compounded Medications in Medical Offices 208–Reduce Reporting Burden and Confusion 209–ICD-10 and ICD-11 210–Physician Participation as the 5th Cooperating Party in the International Classification of Disease System in the United States 211–ICD-10 Implementation 212–Support for Expanded Funding for National, State and Local Public Health Agencies 213–Tampering with the In-Office Ancillary Services Exception 214–Funding for Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education Program 215–Health Care Reform Model Legislation 216–Preventing Firearm-Related Injury and Morbidity in Youth 217–Stop the Implementation of ICD-10 218–Action to Ensure Access to Healthcare and Choice of Physician 219–Need to Create a Special Inspector General for Monitoring the Affordable Care Act 301–Alerting Physicians to Deadlines for Maintenance of Certification 302–Reevaluating Knowledge Assessment in Maintenance of Certification 303–Autonomy in Utilization of CME Funds by Employed Physicians 304–Addressing the Increasing Number of Unmatched Medical Students 305–Evaluation of DACA-Eligible Medical Students, Residents and Physicians in Addressing Physician Shortages 306–Including Military History as Part of Standard History Taking 307–Policy and Advocacy Opportunities for Medical Students 308–Reducing the Financial and Educational Costs of Residency Interviews 309–Maintenance of Certification 310–Mitigation of Physician Performance Metrics on Trainee Autonomy and Education 311–Selecting Residents to Better Reflect Patient Diversity 312–Model Guidelines for Expansion of Residency Programs 313–Human Trafficking Reporting and Education 314–Maintenance of Certification and Continuing Education 315–Obesity Education 316–Opposing Linking ABMS Certification to Interstate Licensure and Telemedicine 317–Protect Physician Certification and Licensure 318–Maintenance of Certification 319–Promoting Transparency in Medical Education and Access to Training in Settings Affiliated with Religious Health Care Organizations 401–Eradicating Homelessness 402–Labeling and Recommended Protection for Sunglasses 403–Promoting Food Recovery Efforts in Hospitals 404–Altering School Days to Alleviate Adolescent Sleep Deprivation 405–Increasing the Consumption of Healthy Fresh Foods in Food Desert Communities Using Mobile Produce Food Vendor Programs 406–Increasing Toy Gun Safety 407–Encouraging Protocols to Assist with the Management of Obese Patients 408–Sustainable Community-Based Falls Prevention Programs to Optimize Functional Outcomes in Elderly Populations 409–Addressing Immigrant Health Disparities 410–Mental Health Crisis Interventions 411–Homeless Veterans 412–Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes 413–Aircraft Restraints on Small Children 414–Headphone Public Awareness Campaign 415–Increasing the Smoking Age 416–Food Allergy Notification by Restaurants 417–Auto Heat Deaths 418–Country Road Intersections 419–Taxation of Tobacco Products 420–Banning the Use of Artificial Trans Fats in the United States 501–Addressing Drug Overdose and Patient Compliance with Targeted Pharmaceutical Packaging Efforts 502–Recognizing Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives as Efficacious and Economical Forms of Contraception 503–Health Effects of Reduced Passenger Space for Long Distance and International Travel 504–Physician Determination for Appropriate Medication Refills 505–Prescription Product Labeling 506–Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Pollution from Energy Production 507–Next Generation Infectious Diseases Diagnostics 508–Disclosure of Environmental Changes Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing 509–Long-Acting Reversible Contraception and Teen Pregnancy 510–Natural Gas Fracking: Monitoring to Protect Human Health 511–Hepatitis C Treatment 512–Off-Label Use of Hormone Therapy 513–Increasing Awareness of Nootropic Use 514–Funding the Brain Research Through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) Initiative 601–Engaging and Empowering Our Members 602–Donating Reimbursements to the American Medical Association Foundation 603–Transparency of Origins in the Catalogue of AMA Policies 604–A New Definition of Women's Health 605–Oral Health 606–Informational Reports Submitted to the HOD 701–Payers Misusing Appropriate Use Criteria 702–Access to In-Office Administered Drugs 703–Prevention of Physician Credentialing Abuse in Employed Physician Settings 704–Virtual Credit Card Payments 705–Pre-Authorization Simplification and Standardization

Reports of the Board of Trustees

01–Funding of AMA Region and Section Delegates/Alternates (Res. 612, A-14) 02–New Specialty Organizations Representation in the House of Delegates 03–Auditor's Report 04–AMA 2016 Dues 05–2014 Grants and Donations 06–Medical Information and Its Uses (Res. 213, A-14) 07–Reducing Gun Violence (Res. 215, A-14 and Res. 224, A-14) 08–Opposition to Laboratory Reporting Provisions of HR 4302 (Res. 227, A-14) 09–Update on Corporate Relationships 10–Council on Legislation Sunset Review of 2005 House Policies 11–Administrative Burden Time Study 12–Development and Promotion of Single National Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (Res. 230, A-14) 13–Methods to Increase US Organ Donor Pool (Res. 1, A-14) 14–Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies for Methadone (Res. 512, A-14) 15–Over the Counter Insulin (Res. 507, A-14) 16–Progress Report for the Private Practice of Medicine 17–Increasing Physician Efficiency (Res. 717, A-14) 18–Creation of the AMA Super PAC (Res. 606, I-14) 19–Liability Related to Referrals from Free Clinics (Res. 217, A-14) 20–Review of Straddle Drug Pricing Rules for Medicare Part D Participants 21–AMA-Provided Innovation Grants to Support New Physician Models to Improve Quality, Efficiency and Reduce Cost (Res. 604, I-14) 22–Redefining the AMA's Position on ACA and Health Care Reform–Update 23–A Virtual Medical Association (Res. 601, A-14) 24–AMA Performance, Activities and Status in 2014 25–Abolish Discrimination Against IMGs in Medical Licensing Requirements (Res. 317, A-14) 26–Uncoupling of CPT from ICD-10 (Res. 206, A-14) 27–AMA Participation in Reducing Medical Student Debt–Update 28–Annual Update on Activites and Progress in Tobacco Control: March 2014–February 2015

Report of the Speakers

Recommendation for Policy Reconciliation

Meeting Reference Materials

Reference Committee Reports, Board and Council Reports & Resolutions

Readers of this material are reminded that it refers only to items to be considered by the House. No action has been taken on anything herein contained, and it is informational only. Only those items that have been acted on by the House can be considered official.