Accelerating change in medical education. The AMA: Giving $10 million to U.S. medical schools.

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Accelerating change in medical education

There is growing consensus regarding the need for change in undergraduate medical education. Learn about the background and rationale PDF supporting change and innovation.

Improving medical education

The American Medical Association has a long history of leadership in medical education. In recent years the AMA has undertaken a variety of initiatives to investigate and improve undergraduate medical education.

Initiative to Transform Medical Education

The AMA's Initiative to Transform Medical Education (ITME), initiated in 2005, developed key recommendations that formed the core of the "Accelerating change in medical education" initiative.

"Recommendations for change in the system of medical education," PDF ITME (June 2007)

The AMA-sponsored medical education Learning Environment Study

The medical education Learning Environment Study (LES) evolved from the AMA's Innovative Strategies for Transforming the Education of Physicians (ISTEP) group. In 2010 the AMA sponsored a consortium of medical schools to develop the medical education LES, a longitudinal prospective study of the learning environment in medical schools from across the United States and Canada. This study, which comprises 28 medical schools PDF and 4,000 students, seeks to gauge the relationship and interaction between the educational climate of medical schools and the development of professional attributes of students.