Accelerating change in medical education. The AMA: Giving $10 million to U.S. medical schools.


The AMA Accelerating Change in Medical Education National Advisory Panel provides guidance on the development, administration and evaluation of this initiative. Learn about the panel members. PDF

The AMA Medical Education senior staff PDF works with the National Advisory Panel and other partners to advance this initiative, while also providing leadership for the efforts of the AMA Medical Education Department as a whole.

The AMA has a long-standing commitment to improving medical education through various leadership groups.

The Council on Medical Education formulates policy on medical education by recommending educational policies to the AMA House of Delegates, through the AMA Board of Trustees. The council is also responsible for recommending the appointments of representatives to medical education organizations, accrediting bodies and certification boards. Learn more about the Council on Medical Education.

The AMA member groups and sections engage members on a variety of issues in medicine. Learn more about these member groups, including the AMA Medical Student Section and the AMA Section on Medical Schools.