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Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013

Special Feature

Help your patients obtain affordable health insurance

Help your patients obtain affordable health insurance

You can take just two simple steps to help your patients—including those who have been uninsured as a result of pre-existing conditions or limited finances—secure an affordable health insurance plan beginning Oct. 1.

Patients can acquire coverage for 2014 by using the new health insurance marketplace in their state during open enrollment, Oct. 1–March 31. Help your patients understand how to take advantage of this new opportunity to obtain the coverage they need. Just follow these two steps:

1. Post patient information. A new AMA Web page provides resources you can print and display in your waiting or exam rooms. These resources provide practical information about navigating the health insurance marketplaces and direct patients to where they can find free expert guidance.

2. Be prepared to answer questions. The AMA offers a reference sheet with answers to commonly asked questions. By keeping this sheet handy, you can answer questions patients may ask about enrollment through the marketplace and point them to where they can find more detailed information.

In addition, you can read a brief overview of the ongoing implementation of the Affordable Care Act to learn more about such key topics as patient benefits and what the delayed mandate for employers to offer health insurance coverage means.

Helping patients take a life-changing action such as this has never been so easy. Make sure your patients have the health care coverage they need to get healthy and stay healthy.