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Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013

News for Young Physicians

Sign up for the AMA Mentorship Initiative

Sign up for the AMA Mentorship Initiative

Young physicians have a special opportunity to develop their leadership skills, form key professional relationships and learn about emerging trends from the next generation of physicians through a new AMA mentorship program.

Mentors will be matched online with a student or resident AMA member and will be asked to provide professional guidance related to:

  • Enhancing career advancement
  • Sharing advocacy, professional and research interests
  • Promoting leadership development

If you're interested in this unique opportunity, apply online today. For more information, please view our FAQ or email the AMA-YPS.

ACA roll-out: New fact sheet calls out essentials for physicians, patients

As implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) kicks into full gear over the next few months, a new fact sheet from the AMA can help physicians and patients understand what's coming up and benefits under the law. The sheet includes information about such important topics as the new health insurance marketplaces to be launched Oct. 1 and new rules for health insurers.

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