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Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013

News for Academic Physicians

In AMA MedEd Update: New schools, new challenges

According to a recent report by the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, some of the country's newest medical schools have found it difficult to establish affiliations with hospitals in order to provide adequate clinical training to students. The report details these and other key challenges, strategies and lessons learned by 15 of the newest schools.

In a recent interview, the report's author notes, "Many of the new schools have certainly done things that are innovative, both in the structure of the academic departments and introducing some unique new experiences."

Encouraging and spreading such innovation is one of the AMA's three key strategic goals, through its $11 million Accelerating Change in Medical Education initiative.

Read more in AMA MedEd Update.

Not too late: Register for AMA-SMS meeting Nov. 1

At its Nov. 1 meeting in Philadelphia, the AMA Section on Medical Schools (SMS) will examine the issue of teaching students and residents about stewardship of health care resources.

Attendance is free. Register today (AMA login required) to attend.

Participants will examine how medical schools can ensure that physicians in training understand the need to consider cost of care in clinical decisions and to avoid overuse and misuse of resources.

Be sure to join the AMA-SMS to discuss this important topic for the future of medicine and the U.S. health care system. The section will meet in the Loews Hotel Philadelphia; the meeting is being held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges. View the meeting schedule to learn more.

Also, be sure to review the AMA House of Delegates' reports and resolutions related to medical education, which will be discussed during the AMA-SMS meeting.

When interviewing for residencies, practice makes perfect

Would you like to help a future resident practice his or her interview skills?

Practicing physicians, residents and fellows: Consider volunteering about an hour of your time to help a medical graduate who is waiting to be matched this season.

Register now (AMA login required) to volunteer for the Mock Residency Interview Program (MRIP), sponsored by the AMA International Medical Graduates Section. You will be matched to a medical graduate who has a scheduled residency program interview in the near future.

Interviews can be conducted via Skype, telephone or face-to-face (if logistically possible), based on your schedule. Visit the AMA's MRIP Web page to view the guidelines and sample questions.

If you have any questions, email or call J. Mori Johnson of the AMA at (312) 464-5678.