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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News for Women Physicians

Be sure to vote in this year's AMA-WPC Governing Council election

Be sure to vote in this years AMA-WPC Governing Council election

Help the AMA Women Physicians Congress (WPC) fill two physician vacancies as well as the medical student position on the AMA-WPC Governing Council by voting in this year's governing council election.

An encrypted ballot will be emailed April 1 to AMA-WPC members. Email the AMA-WPC by March 25 to ensure that the group has your email account.

The election will conclude at midnight Central time April 15. If you have questions about the election, contact Cynthia Norwood of the AMA via email or at (312) 464-4743. 

Kaiser resource provides health reform checklist for women

A new resource from the Kaiser Family Foundation identifies key coverage, affordability and access issues that are important for women. With the development of state health insurance exchanges, this resource, "Ensuring the Health Care Needs of Women: A Checklist for Health Exchanges," presents key considerations related to a variety of areas, including:

  • Essential health benefits.
  • Implementation of no-cost preventive services such as contraception.
  • Provider networks and affordability.
  • Outreach and enrollment efforts.
  • The importance of including gender and other demographic characteristics in data collection and reporting standards.