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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

News for International Medical Graduates

New process in place for submitting IMG-related AMA policy resolutions

New process in place for submitting IMG-related AMA policy resolutions

As part of a new procedure for submitting AMA International Medical Graduates (IMG) Section-sponsored policy resolutions to the AMA House of Delegates (HOD), resolutions will now be reviewed one meeting ahead of each Annual and Interim Meeting of the AMA-HOD.

With the new process, resolutions for this year's AMA-IMG Section Annual Assembly Meeting are due April 1. The AMA-IMG Section Virtual Congress, the mechanism through which the AMA-IMG Section debates AMA policy resolutions, will provide testimony and amendments in April. Later that month, the governing council will then edit the resolutions based on the amendments and testimony. The final versions of these resolutions will be ratified by late April and submitted to the AMA-HOD by their handbook deadline in early May. Ratified resolutions cannot be amended at this year's annual assembly meeting.

The purpose of this new process is to have resolutions written and discussed one meeting ahead and to allow enough time for comments and coalition building. Resolution testimony and amendments will be handled via SharePoint, which is the Microsoft program used by the AMA-HOD, so section members can view and consider everyone's comments. This will be a transition year, so both Surveymonkey and SharePoint will be utilized.

Late resolutions for this year's annual assembly meeting are due by June 1. The AMA-IMG Section Governing Council will discuss emergency resolutions during the June meeting at 8:30 a.m. Central time June 15.

For this year's AMA-IMG Section Interim Meeting, which will take place in November, resolutions are due by May 1. These resolutions will be discussed initially in June during the AMA-IMG Section Annual Assembly Meeting and then sent to the Virtual Congress for further amendments and testimony in July. The governing council will amend the resolutions based on feedback and hold a ratification vote in August.

Watch AMA Wire for more details on this new process. If you have questions, contact J. Mori Johnson of the AMA via email or at (312) 464-5678.

AMA webinar covering immigration laws set for March 20

Gain an understanding of immigration laws and trends about the J-1/J-2 and H-1B visa categories, visa waivers and more during a free AMA webinar at 7 p.m. Eastern time March 20. Registration will close March 19, so register today.

Hosted by the AMA International Medical Graduates (IMG) Section, the webinar will help participants better understand immigration issues affecting IMGs. Kristen Harris, a partner of Rubman & Harris, LLC, a boutique immigration law firm, and Robert Aronson, a nationally prominent authority on immigration law for IMGs and the managing attorney at Minneapolis-based firm Aronson & Associates, are scheduled to give presentations.