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Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013

Practice News

Reforming care delivery: Is employment the only option?

An AMA webinar at 7 p.m. Eastern time Jan. 31 will share ways physicians can better coordinate care through clinical integration. Register today.

Physicians from the AMA's Innovators Committee will offer insights about their experience improving care coordination without moving to an employment model. This webinar will help physicians:

  • Identify a path toward more integrated care delivery that does not involve employment.
  • Define what it means to provide virtually, vertically and horizontally integrated care.
  • Recognize the operational structure of independent physician associations and cloud-based systems for data sharing.
  • Use technology solutions to improve care coordination within and outside of their practices.

Physicians can earn continuing medical education credit in the form of AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ by participating in this webinar. Registration is free for AMA members; nonmembers can sign up for $30. If you're not an AMA member, join today.

Understand your Medicare participation choices

Physicians now have until Feb. 15 to make Medicare participation elections for 2013. The AMA's Medicare Participation Kit can help physicians understand their options. 

In addition to participation (often referred to as "PAR") and non-participation (referred to as "non-PAR") election, physicians can choose to opt out of Medicare and privately contract with their patients. Opt-out status can take effect at the beginning of any calendar quarter.

In addition to an informational guide offering detailed explanations of the three Medicare options, the kit includes frequently asked questions and a revenue calculator to help physicians estimate how much their total revenue from seeing Medicare patients would change if they were to switch their status from Medicare PAR to non-PAR.

Sample documents, such as template letters and a phone script, can help physicians communicate any status changes to their Medicare patients, and a sample opt-out affidavit and private contract can help physicians who want to opt out of the program.