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Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

Special Feature

Become a mentor for physicians in training

Become a mentor for physicians in training

Young physicians have a special opportunity to develop their leadership skills, form key professional relationships and learn about emerging trends from the next generation of physicians through a new AMA mentorship program.

Mentors will be matched online with a student or resident AMA member and will be asked to provide professional guidance related to:

  • Enhancing career advancement
  • Sharing advocacy, professional and research interests
  • Promoting leadership development

Sign up today (AMA login required) to participate. Mentors and mentees must be members of the AMA.

After signing up online, participants will receive an email invitation that provides access to an online matching and mentoring platform. The first step is to complete a brief online form that will be used to assess their views on mentoring and facilitate the matching process.

Once matched, mentors and mentees will have the ability to "meet" through the social networking capabilities and meeting functions available through the online program. Participants will be asked to commit to the program for one year.

For more information about the AMA mentorship program, consult the program's frequently asked questions or email the AMA Young Physicians Section.