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Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

News for Young Physicians

Model agreement helps with service line contracts

Model agreement helps with service line contracts

AMA members enjoy free access to the AMA's Co-Management Service Line Agreement. With service line agreements becoming both more popular and more complex, this interactive resource assists physicians and their legal counsel in navigating and negotiating these contracts with hospitals. Access more AMA resources for physicians employed by or under contract with a hospital.

Confidently assess injury, disease correlation

The AMA Guides® to the Evaluation of Disease and Injury Causation offers powerful learning tools to assist physicians in making evidence-based medical determinations regarding the correlation of disease and injury in workers' compensation and disability cases.

The second edition includes a new chapter on causation perspectives by medical specialty. Order your copy today. AMA members receive a 25 percent discount on this title and others from the AMA Store.