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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Practice News

eBilling for workers' comp claims saves time, hassles

A toolkit from the AMA walks physicians through the process of electronically billing medical claims for workers' compensation and auto injuries, a change that can save thousands of dollars each year.

Offering a variety of resources, the toolkit can help physicians evaluate their current practice workflows, start conversations with clearinghouses and billing services, and identify questions to ask payers before making the transition. Archived webinars presented by workers' compensation eBilling experts take physicians through each step of the process.

Most physicians can use their current practice management systems, billing services or clearinghouses to eBill for these claims. For those who need additional assistance, the toolkit also features a basic listing of some of the many vendors that offer eBilling solutions specifically for workers' compensation.

Among other benefits, eBilling for workers' compensation claims can cut down administrative costs, enable timely updates on the status of claims and speed up payments. Small practices that have switched from paper billing have found that the electronic process can decrease the length of their payment cycle by as much as 70 percent.

Visit the AMA Practice Management Center to learn more about this and other ways to increase administrative efficiencies and reduce practice expenses.

Practice management issues? Group discusses solutions

A new AMA LinkedIn group offers a forum in which physicians and others can discuss the latest practice management issues and share advice for tackling them.

Group members can pose questions, comment on discussions and learn from the experiences of their peers around the country. Topics run the gamut of practice management, from billing and payment processes to data security issues.

The group, which launched last month, is open to physicians, practice staff, consultants and other health care partners. If you're not one of the 200 million people already on LinkedIn, you can create a free account to get started.